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 How to burn 1500 calories - Free Calorie Calculator

Easy Ways to Burn 1500 Calories

Successful long-term calorie burning efforts depend on avoiding burnout. If you're not careful with your choices of exercise, you might find yourself putting off physical activity or even avoiding it altogether. Fortunately, there are a host of exercise options at all levels of intensity ranging from mild to vigorous. By switching up your routine, you'll ensure that you always have a more novel exercise option to fall back on if your motivation starts flagging.

Walking can be considered a top option for mild exercise. Depending on how much you weigh and how fast you walk, you can expect to burn between 150 and 350 calories an hour on flat ground. If you choose an uphill route, you can burn as much as 550 calories per hour. Other mild exercises to switch between include light bicycling, skateboarding and canoeing.

Burn 1500 calories through moderate exercise

Exercise of moderate intensity is worthwhile for burning more calories in less time than with mild exercise. Examples of moderate exercise include swimming, basketball and hiking. Swimming, whether you swim in a leisurely fashion or swim laps, offers bonus calorie expenditure thanks to the cool water involved. While shooting baskets will provide lighter exercise in line with walking, playing a game will double the calories burned.

Burn 1500 calories through Intense exercise

Intense exercise is the fastest way to reach 1,500 calories burned in a day. If you are pressed for time or just want to maximize your results in the most time-efficient way, these exercises are for you. Running, a popular option for intense exercise, can burn up to 900 calories per hour depending on how fast you go. Even at lighter speeds, running will still burn over 500 calories an hour.

With consistency being key to ongoing calorie expenditure, it's important to exercise regularly. If you feel tired but still want to exercise, consider sticking to milder activities for the day. On days when you are full of energy but short on time, you can choose to switch to running or another intense exercise. Ultimately, the choice is up to you when it comes to how you burn your target calories and reach your fitness goals.

Marathon running


You will lose approx

1505 kcal

Handball sports


You will lose approx

1540 kcal

Butterfly swimming


You will lose approx

1616 kcal

Stairs Climbing running

Stairs Climbing

You will lose approx

1960 kcal

Swimming swimming


You will lose approx

58 kcal

Rope Skipping gym

Rope Skipping

You will lose approx

53 kcal

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