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 How to burn 150 calories - Free Calorie Calculator

Easy Ways to Burn 150 Calories

Eating too few calories for too long can reduce your metabolism to unhealthy levels, and increasing your calorie intake after dieting can cause sudden weight gain if you are not also exercising. For example, adding in calories to build muscle may also cause fat gain depending on your own biology. The key is to include enough physical activity, especially aerobics, in your routine as you transition to higher calorie intake.

Healthy fat burning

It is often easier to prevent fat gain in the first place than to gain fat and attempt to lose it later while saving as much muscle as possible. While strength training will build muscle, which supports a healthy metabolism and fat burning, it should be combined with a good amount of aerobic exercise if you want to stay trim as you eat more.

Aerobic exercise is not limited to jogging and running. In fact, walking, swimming and bicycling can be just as effective at fighting fat gain. Of course, this does require a larger time investment. If you choose to swim, you can expect to burn 150 calories in about 20 minutes depending on water temperature and swimming intensity. Bicycle riding can burn through 150 calories in about 35 minutes if you are riding at a leisurely pace, but you can reach this goal in far less time if you are going uphill or pedaling hard. Walking at a moderate pace offers about 150 calories worth of energy expenditure in about 45 minutes.

Burn calories quickly

If you are short on time or crave a more intense bout of exercise, you can go for jogging or running and burn 150 calories very quickly. Just over 20 minutes of jogging will burn through 150 calories, and less than 10 minutes of running will net you this result. As you continue to exercise regularly, you may find that you are better able to eat more without experiencing fat gain.

Health Club gym

Health Club

You will lose approx

158 kcal

Stairs Climbing running

Stairs Climbing

You will lose approx

162 kcal

Wrestling sports


You will lose approx

166 kcal

Home Exercise gym

Home Exercise

You will lose approx

175 kcal

Walking walking


You will lose approx

175 kcal

in the River swimming

in the River

You will lose approx

175 kcal

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