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 How to burn 1250 calories - Free Calorie Calculator

Easy Ways to Burn 1250 Calories

1,250 calories is about half of what many men burn each day and just over half of what many women burn per day. Burning this much through exercise alone in a single day is uncommon, but it can be done. Even if you aren't interested in exercising quite that much, you can still benefit from a vigorous aerobic exercise program if you want to lose fat, get fit or both. Some of the most intense, time-efficient exercise options are listed below.


An hour of running can burn anywhere from 470 calories at five miles per hour to 940 calories at 10 miles per hour. Alternatively, you can burn about 880 calories running up stairs for an hour. In all of these cases, running is clearly a fast way to burn off calories. Even if you can't fit hours of running a day into your schedule, adding multiple shorter runs to your routine will add up quickly.

Fast Bicycling

Depending on how hard you ride, bicycling can be a leisurely, low-calorie-burning exercise or a very intense calorie drain. Here, we are interested in fast cycling of up to 20 miles per hour, which can burn a whopping 770 calories in an hour. Like fast running, this rate of cycling can wear you out quickly, so you may prefer taking shorter rides on a regular basis. The capacity for high speeds on a bicycle also makes it a great choice for getting to and from work, creating a practical exercise outlet during your busy day.

Jumping Rope

A jump rope offers an affordable and portable option for getting intense exercise virtually anywhere. As long as you have a little space, you can work up a sweat and burn up to 800 calories per hour this way. This activity can also be ideal for keeping up an exercise routine indoors on the coldest winter days and the hottest summer days. Thanks to the lack of other equipment required for rope jumping, you can easily fit a few minutes here and there into your day, adding up to major overall energy expenditure.

Rugby sports


You will lose approx

1260 kcal

Rope Skipping gym

Rope Skipping

You will lose approx

1260 kcal

Swimming swimming


You will lose approx

1400 kcal

Marathon running


You will lose approx

1505 kcal

Handball sports


You will lose approx

1540 kcal

Butterfly swimming


You will lose approx

1616 kcal

What 1250 Calories of 12 Different Foods Looks Like

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