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 How to burn 1000 calories - Free Calorie Calculator

Easy Ways to Burn 1000 Calories

Depending on your size and metabolic rate, 1,000 calories may be around half or more of your daily calorie requirements. You may be surprised to learn that more than 1,000 calories are actually burned fueling nothing but basic functioning, such as sleeping and breathing. Increasing energy expenditure beyond baseline can be done through focused exercise, but it can also be achieved by just changing your approach to normal daily activities.

Exercise regularly every day

Exercising regularly actually increases your resting energy expenditure, which means that you burn more calories around the clock. In order to adapt this way, you need to keep an exercise routine. Otherwise, your metabolism will simply fall back to its lower baseline.

Using a standing desk offers more calorie burning than sitting for the same amount of time. In one hour of standing, you will burn about 10 more calories than you would sitting for that period of time. This might not seem like a major difference, but considering the average amount of time spent sitting each day, you could end up burning 100 or more extra calories each day by using a standing desk.

Calorie Burned Opportunities

You can also pinpoint opportunities to walk or bike instead of driving or riding public transportation. For example, you can insert exercise into trips to the store or work by simply parking farther away and by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking or cycling to the store is an easy way to burn more calories. If you ride public transportation and live too far away to justify walking or riding a bike the whole distance, you can disembark early or walk to a distant stop to get more exercise in.

Whatever options you choose to burn more calories, be sure to keep your efforts consistent. You don't have to deliberately exercise every day, but your metabolism will thank you for making a routine that includes regular physical activity.

Backpacking walking


You will lose approx

1022 kcal

Backstroke swimming


You will lose approx

1028 kcal

Cycling cycling


You will lose approx

1050 kcal

Walking Up Stairs walking

Walking Up Stairs

You will lose approx

1120 kcal

Synchronized Swimming swimming

Synchronized Swimming

You will lose approx

1120 kcal

Running running


You will lose approx

1184 kcal

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