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How to lose 5 kilos - FreeCalorieCalculator

Calories to lose 5 kilos


The mind has the biggest impact on our ability to lose weight. Thinking not worthy enough to achieve these results it´s the worst enemy to achieve your 5 kilos goal. If you want lose 5 kg, you may find yourself rationalizing certain food choices that you know aren’t really as healthy as you’d like them to be.


Don’t Set Unrealistic Goals

If you are serious about losing weight, your nutrition needs to become a priority for at least a month, which is also a perfect amount of time to lose 5kg. There is no healthy way to transform your body overnight. Losing 5 kilos takes time and patience. While you may dream of waking up with a new body a week after starting your diet, you should only be losing one to two pounds per week.

Create a Soundtrack

Use one of the many streaming services out there to play upbeat workout tunes on your phone or iPod. The right music can really motivate you to keep going when you want to quit.

Keep a healthy life

Wake up and drink a glass of water, skip sugar and alcohol, never skip breakfast, eat mindfully, follow a weight-loss routine, avoid late-night calories intake, eat a veggie and protein packed lunch and dinner.

Time Plans to lose 5 kilos

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