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 Calculate Calories Burned Swimming

Calories Burned Swimming

Swimming burns plenty of calories! You might be surprised how effective low-impact swimming is at burning calories away. For a woman weighing 150 pounds, an hour of swimming can burn up to 750 calories. While this depends on weight, water temperature and style of swimming, you can see how effective swimming can be for weight loss.

Remember that special exercises can be performed in pools. Your pool workout can be tailored specifically to your fitness goals. For example, you can swim with just your legs to strengthen your lower body and hips. Alternatively, you can target your upper body by paddling only with your arms.

Swimming is very low-impact exercise. If you have arthritis, previous joint injuries or other joint problems, you will appreciate how gentle swimming is on your joints. You experience virtual weightlessness when you are in the water, so your swimming technique is practically the only factor affecting your joints.

Estimate the number of calories burned swimming using this tool:

Calories Burned Swimming

Swimming Subcategories

There are different types of swimming activities: backstroke, sidestroke, synchronized, butterfly, treading water or swimming outdoor by lake, ocean or river. Choose the type of exercise you prefer and calculate easily your calories burned swimming according to the time or distance you need.

Examples of Swimming by distance

100 m



500 m



1000 m



100 yd



500 yd



1000 yd



Examples of Swimming by duration

5 min



10 min



30 min



Recreation and competition is possible with swimming

You are not limited to boring activities when you start a swimming regimen. For a recreational workout, you can visit a waterpark or beach or play games like water polo. Competition is available at a variety of events, including at triathlons, which incorporate swimming alongside other sports.

You can boost your metabolism by swimming

Exercise boosts metabolism anyway, but exposure to cold water will boost your metabolism further. In all but the warmest indoor pools, the body adapts to the lower temperatures by increasing thyroid activity and heat output. This burns more calories and results in greater fat loss.

Muscle gains are associated with swimming

Because swimming works the muscles, it can help build a fantastic physique over time. Of course, muscle mass is linked to higher metabolism and hormone production, so this effect will encourage faster burning of calories and loss of fat.

Minimalistic swimwear offers motivation to swim consistently.

Swimwear often exposes much of the body, so swimmers may feel more motivation to stay on course with their exercise regimen. As fat is lost and muscle is gained, positive feedback can strengthen resolve to swim harder and more frequently.

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