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 Calculate Calories Burned Running

Calories Burned Running

Running might not by your first choice of activity if you are regularly low on energy, but keeping a running routine may actually increase your day-to-day energy levels. Furthermore, many people find that morning runs leave them with more energy all day long.

Running increases stamina significantly. As the human body adapts to a running program, it uses less energy to perform less intense daily tasks. These include walking and a variety of other activities. This can mean better performance at work and more gusto to achieve goals and enjoy what life has to offer.

Estimate the number of calories burned running using this tool:

Calories Burned Running

Running Subcategories

There are different types of running: running marathon, jogging, climbing stairs or crossing country. Choose the type of running exercise based on what will give you the most burning calories.

Examples of Running by distance

2 km



5 km



10 km



1 mile



4 miles



9 miles



Examples of Running by duration

30 min



1 hour



2 hours



You can modify your workout to burn more calories running

Certain modifications to your workout can promote more calorie burning running. The simplest way to achieve this is to run faster. While you can choose to perform solely sprints, you can also switch between sprinting and jogging on your regular route. Running uphill will also boost calorie output.

You can build and maintain relationships with running

Running can be an opportunity to make and strengthen friendships with fellow fitness enthusiasts. Besides creating a positive sense of community, these relationships can help you stay motivated to reach your ideal weight and fitness goals.

Mood and self-confidence are boosted by running

Running raises levels of natural substances in the body that are involved in mood. Furthermore, successfully testing one's stamina and endurance on a regular basis is a powerful booster for self-esteem. Studies have repeatedly found that runners and other exercise enthusiasts tend to be happier than those who do not exercise.

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